Lawyer's Office – information system for law firms for acceptable price. This software will make easier, accelerate and make more accurate and visible your work and its results. For more information, see the software presentation. We are always happy to answer your questions, suggestions, recommendations.

 Electronic inventory is a solution that will help you make an inventory more quickly and accurately. The solution uses bar code scanning (but also possible selection of goods by hand). You can use this solution in tandem with ANY accounting software, solution works independently by using Microsoft Excel data export. You'll be able to make the inventory more often, it will not need workers with specific knowledge and there will be less mistakes. Convenient and transparent archive of inventories is stored.


If you are interested in this solution, please contact us at the below listed phones. With pleasure we will consult you and find the most suitable solution for you.

Warehouse management system – solution set for the management of warehouse operations (issue of goods, acceptance of goods, automatically creating bills and invoices by using bar code tracking and portable data terminals, etc. options).

Our warehouse solutions can work independently or together with your accounting and/or warehouse software (Tildes Jumis, Horizon, Navision, 1C, etc.)

Fixed assets tracking with data terminal – modern solution for automated fixed assets tracking by using barcode labeling and portable hand-computer. Compatible with any accounting software, from which export in MS Excel format is possible.

Simpler solution also available – by using barcode scanner and supporting software. In this solution only basic inventory data information is provided (user, who did the scanning, date, time).

Information system for court bailiffs – this computer program is specialized record keeping, document and financial management computer system developed in cooperation with Latvian law enforcement officers and is currently the most widely used and most popular computer program of Latvian Sworn Bailiffs. It is used by 90% Latvian law enforcement officers.

Sport club - a computer program for sports clubs, fitness halls.

AutoPARK - Management system for car parking places.

 Other solutions – in addition to the above mentioned software products, we have the experience and the insertion of the following software solutions:

- weighing and packing process automatizaton;
- linking with electronic weights;
- entrance ticket printout and control solutions;
- mobile tickets, a two-dimensional (QR) codes;
- implementation of barcode standard GS1-128 for European and global logistics centers use;
- Microsoft Word, Excel document creation and analysis full or partial automatization.
Please call to our office (tel. +371 67790178) for details. Consultations and software demonstrations are provided free of charge.