In-Out system in Latvian Post offices




Another 16 Latvian Post offices have been equipped with In-Out queue management system this year after successfully launched cooperation between Timesaving and Latvian Post in 2016. Clients have also been introduced with an option to apply for Latvian Post services remotely by using app. Timesaving’s Chairman of the Board Viesturs Lasmanis emphasizes the benefits of In-Out: it greatly facilitates receiving postal services for its customers, while enabling company’s management to organize work more efficiently. “After evaluating advantages and quality of In-Out queue management system Latvian Posts’ management has taken a decision in favor of modern postal services in Latvia” pleased concludes V.Lasmanis.

Multifunctional queue management system In-Out at the moment operates in 47 busiest Latvian Post offices. 27 of them are located in Riga and near Riga, which includes 11 places where In-Out was set up recently, in the first quarter of this year. Updating of Latvian Post incorporates setting up In-Out system in another 20 offices throughout Latvia by the end of 2017, thus the total number of updated Latvian Post offices will reach 67.

Devices of modern queue management system In-Out regulate customer’s flow in the post office and give an option to apply for Latvian Post services remotely by using application on mobile phone. The app predicts estimated waiting time, notifies when appointment is approaching and lets you know different kind of information - track parcel, the nearest post office and its’ contacts as well as city postcodes.

Queue management system In-Out offered by Timesaving is a very suitable solution for companies which need to serve large number of people quickly and consecutively in customer service centers or public events. It’s been approved by state and self-government institutions as well as private enterprises in Latvia and abroad, including Register of Enterprises, Riga Technical university, telecommunication company Bite etc.

Importantly, the In-Out system also accumulates significant statistical data about the customer flow, speed of service and other parameters, which later can be analyzed and used to improve the work efficiency. In addition, the functionality, appearance and application can be adjusted as needed.

Further information about In-Out system is available at Timesaving web page, by calling 67790178 or writing to consultants of Timesaving company.

Detailed information about Latvian Post mobile app can be found at posts’ web page and instructions how to use it are available at posts’ video