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Quick technical support related with our represented equipment (products) - tel. 27791653

In this chapter you can find technical information about our supplied equipment and software. Please select topic in which you are interested from list in the right( - hand) side. 

If you need general information please use the following links:

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How to choose (correct) labels?

How to choose thermal transfer ribbon?


We suggest to pay your attention that in technical solutions it is very important (good) customer support. We’ll always provide good customer support and we’ll give you advice to choose right product and we’ll provide full after sales technical support. There are a lot of short time companies which offer product for very low prices but when customer is waiting for product configuration, training or ask for spare parts then this companies don’t offer such support or provide it in low quality. That’s why we recommend you to think about  how much time and money you’ll spend trying to start explore purchased product by ourselves (at all) or just (simply) bought product from company which is experts in his field. Can you afford your work process downtime because of low quality or out of any technical support?

When selecting equipment, ensure the availability of spare parts and technical service guarantee!

During equipment operation you definitely will have to deal with problems related with some spare part wearing or its damage. If you have bought equipment from manufacturer’s representative then you’ll don’t have to worry about technical support and spare parts availability but when you decide to bought equipment in another country or short term company then you have to think about following questions: 

  • Does the manufacturer will be able to provide quality and prompt after-sales service?
  • Does the manufacturers representative will comes to your company for machine repairs?
  • How much this will cost to repair?
  • Does the manufacturer will be able to (interested) go into your problems and solve them quickly?
  • How long will it take to get the parts, without which it may have to temporarily stop production?
  • Are there any options temporarily replace damaged equipment?