SIA "TIMESAVING" is a dynamic company formed by people that have united together. Several years before SIA "TIMESAVING" was founded these people were part of various foreign companies in identification and IT solutions industry. With appropriate knowledge to foreign standards and experience specific to the Latvian market experts of the company are able to offer high class individual IT and identification technology solutions in any field – trade, manufacturing, logistics, medicine, etc.

During its activity the company has developed a number of qualitative and users recognition gained solutions, such as:

- information system for court bailiffs;

- company’s fixed assets tracking and inventory system with modern identification devices (data terminals, barcode readers, label printers);

- warehouse management system that issue of goods, acceptance of goods, bills and invoices establishment and any other records of the movement of goods converts from the time-consuming, inconvenient and flawed process to fast and easily controlled process.

Beside standard solutions SIA "TIMESAVING" team is always happy for the customers that come with individual or non-standard needs. Find a way how to solve situations with help of the 21st Century information and identification technologies, using less time, human resources and investment, but gaining higher return – that's a challenge! And this company loves challenges, because afterwards there is satisfaction. According to the SIA "TIMESAVING" office – satisfaction for the work done together must not only be for solution developers but also for users-customers, because only then cooperation can be seen as fruitful.

A modern company in such a dynamic world which we live today requires a modern working environment which uses the latest technology and its offered solutions to speed up the process of company and prevent errors. In SIA "TIMESAVING" office this statement is gaining approval at every step and materializes in company’s developed solutions for modern business. In addition, offered multiplicity of identification devices correspond different solutions and also different price levels so that customers have a choice.

No less important that investments for your company’s process automatization stay here in Latvia because SIA "TIMESAVING" is a domestic company with local capital.

For more information about SIA "TIMESAVING" offered solutions, please contact us. SIA "TIMESAVING" employees with enthusiasm will listen to the customer’s ideas how to automate and speed up their own company’s work, and also will offer their vision and ideas. By the way, consultations are provided free of charge!