Earlier this year, after assessing corporate and financial performance, the State Revenue Service (SRS) has included Timesaving in its newly established Enhanced Co-operation Program by conferring bronze-level taxpayer status. Entrepreneurs at this level are disciplined in their obligations and spend more on taxes and employee pay than those left outside the program.

“We have not purposefully headed for this recognition, but, of course, we feel pleased and evaluated. The value of Timesaving always has been to treat our employees, clients and business partners, as well as the state honestly and responsibly. We have never tried to circumvent or neglect our responsibilities. It is positive, that with the establishment of such programs, national control authorities are shifting from punishment to motivation. It works much more efficiently. We look forward to qualifying for the highest levels of the program in the years to come,” says Viesturs Lasmanis, Timesaving’s Chairman of the Board.

The Enhanced Cooperation Program is a new form of cooperation with taxpayers implemented by the SRS, where eligible companies are selected for inclusion and grouping on three levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Depending on the level of the program, the SRS provides various benefits to its participants. The entry of new program participants and the change of program level takes place once a year on January 1st.

More information on the program can be found on the SRS website - https://www.vid.gov.lv/lv/padzilinatas-sadarbibas-programma-0.