Latvian stand in annual London Book fair this year was brightly complemented by “The Silent Space”, which the Latvia’s stand creators offered to visit by using the queue management system InOut as the most adaptable tool. Successful collaboration has enabled the organizers of the exhibition to fully realize their original ambition and save funding, while Timesaving – to expand the diversity of InOut usage in previously untapped industries.

Queue management system Inout regulated the flow of visitors in the cosmic ambience room named The Silent Space, which gave the Latvian stand visitors the opportunity to relax from the noise of the exhibition. Stand creators chose the InOut solution to avoid crowding at the silent space, to create a modern stand image by using IT technology and to save costs.

Thanks to the ease of use of the InOut queue management system, its installation and technical support during the exhibition was carried out by representatives of the Latvian delegation on the spot in London, following the training and instructions of the Timesaving staff.

InOut is the only queue management system available in Latvia that can be easily installed anywhere without the need for advanced, professional IT knowledge.

In addition, everyone was able to get their ticket either in Latvian stand, or remotely via the InOut application. Timesaving specialists quickly ensured that it was downloadable in the UK for both Android and iOS-based mobile device users during the exhibition.

“Adapting to each customer's needs is what best describes the InOut queue management system. That's why we are very pleased with both new forms of cooperation and exit from the usual customer service environment and to find applications for the InOut system in creative industries such as literature and art,” says Viesturs Lasmanis, Chairman of the Board of Timesaving Ltd. He recalls the queue management system InOut was also successfully used at the Cesis Art Festival in 2016, when it served as part of an artistic installation.

The Latvian stand on the London Book Fair 2019 was developed by representatives of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency and the platform “Latvian Literature”. People from 135 countries visited the book market in three days. After participating in the London Book Fair, Latvia’s national stand will be represented on the Leipzig Book Market in Germany, as well as in the Bologna Children's Book Market in Italy.

You can find out more about the queue management system InOut on the Timesaving website, the InOut website or from the Timesaving knowledgeable staff who will find the right solution for your needs.

Photo: “Latvian literature” Facebook account, 14.03.2019. Author: Valts Vītums

Video: “Latvian literature” Facebook account, 12.03.2019.