The taxpayer rating developed last autumn is based on the analysis of various data available to the SRS, including, company’s financial indicators, salary, declaration submission discipline, tax debt and registration risks. The rating provides a single result expressed in percentage terms. But, at the same time, entrepreneurs can view the measurement of individual indicators as well.

“The taxpayer rating is the first and only rating tool of its kind in the Baltic States. A project whose goals, along with informing and motivating entrepreneurs to pay taxes, is also to provide a reliable tool by which an entrepreneur can inform partners about their reputation based on real numbers. It is up to the company's management to share this information publicly or not.
We are proud of our performance, we tell our customers about it and invite people to use it as one of the company's reliability indicators,” says Viesturs Lasmanis, Chairman of the Board of Timesaving.

After several months of testing, the SRS has announced that upgrading and improving the rating will be one of the institution's priorities. “It gives us the motivation to grow as a company by investing in our employees and services because it is valued by the state and our partners,” concludes V.Lasmanis.

More detailed information on the Taxpayer Rating Project is available on the SRS website, in the section “Companies/Good Practice for Entrepreneurs/Taxpayer Rating System” and in this short video.