The Freedom Center of the Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) was opened in Riga, where in addition to receiving daily services, visitors can also try the latest mobile communication technologies, including the queue management system InOut. With this approach, LMT wants to demonstrate that not only the available technologies, but, above all, ways they are being used are the basis for growth.

A fully featured InOut system is set up in the LMT Freedom Center including Moon ticket printing kiosk, 6 service desks and 2 large displays. Visits to this center can also be submitted remotely using the InOut application.

“LMT Freedom Center’s aim is to gather the latest mobile communication technologies in one place and to show different possibilities of their use, including in the field of customer service. The queue management system InOut perfectly matches this setting. Therefore, we are pleased that the employees and visitors of the Freedom Center will be able to use it on a daily basis, enjoying the benefits and ease of use of the queue management system InOut,” says Timesaving’s Chairman of the Board Viesturs Lasmanis.

It is planned that the activities available at the newly opened Freedom Center in the area of innovation demonstration and technology testing zone will change, introducing the most up-to-date technologies of Latvia and other parts of the world. At the moment you can try out reality simulator and drive a real sports car, as well as drink a cup of personalized coffee that prints your own image or message in the coffee foam. The newly opened LMT Customer Center is not only the most modern, but also the largest in the Baltics.

InOut is an innovative, up-to-date, and easily customizable queuing management system that greatly facilitates the work of customer services in places where there is a large flow of visitors every day. Timesaving ensures both the installation of the software and all the technical equipment necessary for full customer service. Details are available on our website as well as

Baltijas modernākajā LMT klientu centrā uzstādīta InOut rindu sistēma


Baltijas modernākajā LMT klientu centrā uzstādīta InOut rindu sistēma


Baltijas modernākajā LMT klientu centrā uzstādīta InOut rindu sistēma

LMT publicity photo.